SSM Health Medical Minute – Veran Technology System helps people with lung cancer at St. Mary’s Hospital

Medical Minute

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond Heights is now using the Veran Technology SPiN System to help diagnose, guide treatment, and remove small suspicious nodules likely to be early-stage lung cancer.

Dr. Joseph Platz, a SLUCare cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Mary’s, says the new technology uses CT scan imaging combined with Veran to access the small nodules that, previously, were much more difficult to locate.

Previous treatment meant removing the more healthy lung. With Veran technology, Dr. Platz can now see the nodules from the CT scan, and the technology allows him to pinpoint the area where the suspicious nodules are and remove or resect the specific spot, leaving behind more healthy lung for the patient. Outcomes mean that patients have a better chance of early diagnosis and often, less time in surgery which is safer. As well, with a more healthy lung, patients can breathe better post-surgery.

The Veran Technology can be used both to diagnose early-stage lung cancer and during surgery to localize and remove the concerning lesions. Dr. Platz says finding the smaller lung lesions earlier means catching the early-stage lung cancer earlier. Diagnosing the stage and severity of the cancer earlier is better.

Traditionally, cardiothoracic surgeons would use the CT scans, but needed to leave a foreign object in the lungs like a dye or wire to be able to access the nodules in question. Veran Technology combines the CT scan imaging with the technology within the same surgery, which means one less step for the patient in the diagnosis and treatment process.

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