FENTON, Mo. – Maintaining a healthy weight can be frustrating. Figuring out the right way to lose weight or to sustain a healthy body mass index (BMI) may mean taking considering bariatric surgery options.

SSM Health Weight Management Services offers free seminars to allow individuals to learn more about the team approach toward lasting weight loss.

The field of weight-loss surgery is constantly advancing to allow patients to find the best route.

Dr. Aaron Bornstein, a bariatric surgeon at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital, says patients have choices.

“There’s the gastric sleeve, which is certainly the most common procedure that most people have heard about, but there’s also the gastric bypass and a procedure called the duodenal switch,” he said.

Bornstein says many of the surgical options are performed via laparoscopy, which means less time in the operating room, reduced pain, and a shorter hospital stay.

Before surgical options can be considered, though, patients will have to make lifestyle changes. The team at SSM Health Weight Management Services will help each patient with a customized path for their weight loss journey. Each patient is met with a team approach including consultation, nutritionist, lifestyle support, and follow-up visits.

“We have a ton of patients who have incredible results. Probably the biggest thing that we get from our patients is that they regret not doing it sooner,” Bornstein said. “They regret spending several years or decades even struggling with their weight, not having any success with some of the non-surgical weight loss options that are out there and programs.”

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