Meet the adorable puppy born with five paws



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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — This special puppy was born with five paws.  When Gema was born, and the family saw her deformities, they weren't sure how to care for her.
So, they surrendered her to Stray Rescue, which is providing medical and foster care for her.

"We're going to take her to a specialist to have them take a look at her also, she seems to be healthy in every other way," said Director of Development at Stray Rescue, Aimee Dearsley.

"She really doesn't require much. She gets around on her own, she can eat, she's fully potty trained," said foster mom Brianna Smith.

Stray Rescue officials say Gema loves to snuggle and cuddle.  No word on when she might be available for adoption.



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