Meet the newest member of the extended FOX 2 meteorologist family

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ST. LOUIS –Meet Hazel. For the last three months, she’s been dazzling new mom, FOX 2 and News 11 Meteorologist Jaime Travers, and dad, Evan.

“Ms. Hazel was born on November 6. She was a big girl, nine pounds, 10 ounces. She took a while to get here. It was a process. But we love her. I didn’t realize how much I could love a little human,” says a beaming Jaime.

It’s a long way snow and ice. Jaime’s focus the last few months has been forecasting feedings and diaper changes. But that is about to change as Jaime returns to work later this week.

“It’s really hard thinking that I’m going to be back so soon. But parts of it I’m looking forward to.  You guys are my friends and I’ve missed you guys. (To Hazel…I’m so sorry) Having adults to talk to will be really nice. But I am going to miss her. And I get now why, sometimes, women don’t go back to work. “

With the birth of my baby just a few weeks away, Jaime had lots to fill me in on. First up, listen to your nurses.

“One thing that’s nice about the hospital is that they are there to help you. They will help you take care of the baby. They’ll help you learn how to change a diaper. They’ll help you with breastfeeding if that’s what you plan to do. So, it is really nice to have those experts around in the first few days. “

But Jaime says the biggest thing I need to be ready for is that my life won’t be my own anymore, in the best of ways.

“I think one thing I wasn’t prepared for…we’re kind of alike. We have similar personality types. We like to get things done and we have order to our lives. That goes out the window. Just be easy on yourself. Make your to-do list in the morning short. Because it is crazy how much time these little humans can take out of your day. It really is.”

Hazel has been a good sleeper, so Jaime feels rested up and recovered, even after a tough delivery.

“She’s been a really good sleeper. So, I’ve really lucked out with that. I feel more rested than usually when I work with our crazy hours.”

And Dad, Evan, he has been a terrific partner.

“My grandpa jokes, “I wasn’t so sure about this one.” But everyone has been impressed with how good of a dad Evan has been,” laughs Jaime.

Jaime has family here in St. Louis and they have been and will continue to be a huge help.


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