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ST. LOUIS- In MamaCat’s kitchen, she is doing more than cooking up meals for those in need. She is also sharing her recipe for how to love.

“You can heal a lot that is wrong over food,” said MamaCat, the nickname given to Cathy Daniels.

She is the founder of PotBangerz. The group focus on its feed the body mission, serving the unhoused and underserved in the community.

MamaCat is also a trained chef, fights for immigrant rights, and has her doctorate of humanities from Eden Theological Seminary. She served in the military as well, which is where she met her husband.

“When you feed the body, you feed the spirit. When you break bread together you break down all sorts of walls,” explained MamaCat.

The group packages 150 meals every Thursday and distributes them to those living on the street and for families in need.

PotBangerz also was given a house by a local organization. It will be a transitional house to help cis queer and transgender women get off the street and help them learn their worth.

“The revolution is love, truly, love always win,” says MamaCat.

Her love language is food. She has been cooking for dozens of repasses to help families through one of the toughest times in their lives.

She recalled helping Antonio Martin’s mother after he was killed by police in 2013. She says the woman was mourning the loss of her son while she was struggling to pay her bills.

“No matter how he got there or what happened, her baby is gone,” said MamaCat.

She said what happened next is another example of the revolution of love.

She said a group of people put their skills and talent together and had a variety show to raise money for Martin’s mother. They raised enough money to bury Martin.

She says to break down the divide in our community, you’ve got to get rid of people that are causing division.

MamaCat says she doesn’t really get into politics but votes every election. She was even helping register young adults to vote during recent protests in Florissant.