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WENTZVILLE, MO – It was a sight that still has people across the state talking tonight.

A fireball lit up the sky.

One Missouri man even caught the moment on his doorbell camera.

Tracy Boehmer says since there are no city lights interfering with the night sky in Wentzville, it’s a great place to see shooting stars and the planets.

Last night she was in her yard when she saw something she hasn’t seen before.

“All the sudden we saw a meteor in the say. Normally out here they only last about two seconds and then they’re gone. Well, this one kept going across the sky and about eight or nine seconds we saw a burst, said Tracy Boehmer.

From Kansas to Illinois to Indiana the American Meteor Society says the fireball could be seen from 8 states Monday night.

This peculiar, Missouri man’s doorbell camera captured the fireball soaring through the night sky.

Boemer says she saw it happen around 8:40 last night

The American Meteor Society says more than 500 people reported seeing the fireball.

It says the velocity of the object was pretty low and a fragmentation could be seen, which means that despite the shallow angle, the meteoroid actually went through the earth atmosphere

Fox 2 cameras caught the sight too on our camera at our Powers Insurance Bureau capturing it and this shot, from Eckert’s webcam.

Earlier this year meteorite hunters went to Michigan after a meteor was spotted there. No word yet on if any are out there searching for fragments on the rock.