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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An 86 year-old woman is conned out of $70,000 by her own niece. Michelle Calcaterra has been on the run for the past three years and police need your help to find her.

St. Louis County Police Spokesman Shawn McGuire showed me the details of the case which has upset his fellow officers so much they reached out to most wanted for help.

“It’s unfortunate. I think that’s what really reached out to our detective on this case is trying to solve this case and trying to get her into custody. Maybe there’s a little bit of closure for the victim.” said Shawn McGuire of the St. Louis County Police.

Police say Calcaterra forged several checks to one contractor for remodeling work from the victim’s Bank of America account totalling almost $37,000. No work was ever done. The contractor was arrested but not charged because he returned the money to Calcaterra and cooperated with the investigation.

Calcaterra also forged a check from the same account to herself totaling $9,600. Police say she also forged checks to a Desoto woman for nearly $25,000. That woman also cooperated with police and said Calcaterra had forged the checks. The victim was too embarrassed to go on camera.

“Is the victim pretty distraught over this? Yes, very. She reluctantly even called the detective whether or not to make them write a report and do an investigation.” said Shawn McGuire of the St. Louis County Police.

If you know where Michelle Calcaterra is, call St. Louis County Police or, make an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers at1-866-371-TIPS. You don’t reveal your identity and it could net you a cash reward.