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ST. LOUIS – It’s been over a year since Peyton Keene was gunned down outside the Soulard bar where he worked and police are still looking to find out who’s responsible.

Betty Keene, Peyton’s sister, described her late brother as a people person.

“We lived in Las Vegas for many years and we had a bus tour company and he went on tour as a tour guide,” she said. “He loved doing that it was his favorite thing from the time he was 16 until the time he left.”

Betty said Peyton moved back to St. Louis when he was 19 and he began working as a computer tech for a bank. He was always drawn to the Soulard area.

“He would go there after work when he was a tech, so eventually he decided he would be a bartender instead of grinding away every day,” Betty said.

Peyton worked for 15 years at Bastille Bar and Grill as a bartender; a very well-liked one.

“He loved being a bartender because then he could talk and he could help people, see what they wanted to do and appreciate them,” Betty said. “That’s why they loved him because he appreciated every one of them in their own way.”

Then on May 29, 2018 around midnight, Betty got word that Peyton had been shot and killed outside of Bastille.

Lt. Scott Aubuchon, head of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide unit, said this may have been a robbery.

Video cameras didn’t catch what happened but he thinks people may have been with Peyton at the time and detectives want to talk with them

“At the time this occurred, he was having a few drinks with some other folks outside. We were never able to find those folks,” Aubuchon said.

Peyton was killed two days before his 52nd birthday. This year—in his memory—Betty passed out armbands to the bars around Soulard with Peyton’s photo.

“The biggest thing he said to me was, ‘I know everyone dies and I am going to die,’” Betty said. “’I just want someone to know I was here.’”