Metro Public Safety adds two new K-9 officers

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ST. LOUIS – Next time you ride the Metro buses or Metrolink you might notice more K-9 officers. The Metro Public Safety Unit is adding two new dogs, bringing the total to four for their department.

“Some dogs are trained to be drug dogs. Some dogs are trained to detect explosives. And our passengers like to see the dogs as well,” says Richard Zott Chief of Public Safety for Metro Transit.

He says Metro has used K-9s for the last five years and it has led to many arrests, but the dogs also help deter crime.

“Lot of times the criminal element when they see a dog in the area they won’t go that way,” say Chief Zott.

The new K-9 recruits, Blake and T-Rock, need to be trained how to ride the Metro buses and the trains before they can start their patrol. They’ll also help monitor at the platforms and in the terminals.

This is the latest safety effort after several counties and the city agreed to work in collaboration to help improve safety, but passengers say more still needs to be done.

“Well, I think they need some more dogs on the buses because the Metrolink stops…there are a lot of shootings at them,” says one rider.

Another passenger says, “I think it’s great. I love dogs. I know they’re really good at being able to sniff out things.”

The K-9 officers have six weeks left in their training. They should be in full service by the beginning of January. ​

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