ST. LOUIS – Maintenance and improvements to the MetroLink system starting Monday evening will impact riders. The work that is about to start means that Metrolink trains will operate on a single track at different locations for extended periods of time.

Some of the issues being addressed are from last July’s massive flash flooding, when sections of the MetroLink system were underwater. MetroLink officials said crews will replace parts and make repairs to portions of the system that were damaged during the July floods.

Crews will also be doing lots of non-flood related projects.

Workers will replace staircases at stations, install a new public-address system and digital displays, rehab the 8th and Pine and Convention Center MetroLink stations, work on the Union Station tunnel, as well as upgrade the real-time camera system and new station security infrastructure as part of the secure platform plan.

From Monday night through Friday, there will be single track operations from 6:00 p.m. until the end of service. Then, this weekend, single track operations will take place during all service times.

When the track operations are restricted, Blue Line trains will only operate between the Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 and Forest Park-DeBaliviere stations.

Blue line passengers will need to ride Red Line trains at certain locations.

This improvement project will continue periodically throughout this year.

For more information about station adjustments, click here.