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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – It was a stirring scene in the Canfield Green Apartmets in Ferguson, Saturday.

Mike Brown’s, Jr., father took part in a St. Louis tradition:   the Demetrious Johnson Foundation’s turkey giveaway.

“I get a call from this gentleman and his family the other day, he says he wants to come out and be just a part of giving back.  He says this is his first Thanksgiving without his son,” Johnson told a gathering of volunteers just before the delivery of 2500 free turkeys to families in need across the St. Louis area.

One, who had lost so much, still had much to give.

As the world awaited a grand jury decision on whether to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing Mike Brown, Jr., 18, in August, Mike Brown, Sr. was among those giving away turkeys in Canfield, where Mike Brown, Jr. died.

Johnson was moved by Mike Brown, Sr.’s participation in the 23rd annual event.

“You see today that there are people who really care about one another regardless of their race.  They really do care.  This event today solidifies that St. Louis can be a strong St. Louis,” Johnson said.

“Is this going to help you have as happy a Thanksgiving as you can have?” FOX 2’s Andy Banker asked Mike Brown, Sr.

“It’s not going to be the best.  My son’s still gone.  But I’m going to get through.  As long as I make someone else happy, I’ll get through…it’s a great feeling to give back.  Show my love back to the community.  It’s the reason I’m out here, to show how I feel about them.  It’s a big thing for me.  I’m going to continue to keep doing it…you see their faces?” he smiled.

And he found cause for thanks in the toughest of times, in the toughest of places.

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