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ST. LOUIS– Microsoft is working on a way to allow you to have conversations with loved ones after they are gone. The company has reportedly been granted a patent to make chatbots of a specific person.

Scott Schaffer, Chief Information Security Officer for Blade Technologies, says the technology will allow you to take data from any person and have a conversation with them.

Schaffer says you will likely have a better conversation with someone who has a bigger digital footprint. That is because there is more data for the chatbot to learn your gestures, voice, facial features, and more.

You can also train a chatbot while people are still alive.

Schaffer says one researcher described the chatbots as being a “shadow” of a person.

Kayne West did surprise Kim Kardashian with a hologram of her father for her birthday. Schaffer says while there is technology out there it will become more commercial in the future.

Schaffer thinks this technology will be more prevalent later this decade.