Miles Davis statue revealed in Alton

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ALTON, IL (KTVI) - Alton, Illinois residents are seeing a new face who has set up his residence on Third Street.

Patrick Clark shows us the new Miles Davis statue and tells us what it took to return the jazz great to his birthplace.

As you make your way across the Clark Bridge into Alton, Illinois there's no debate that a new famous figure is keeping time in downtown.

Patricia Ackman/Project Co-chair Miles Davis Memorial Project: “You know music and jazz flow up and down this river everywhere”.

And this is why Patricia Ackman put into motion the movement to bring Miles back home.

In 1926 right here in the riverbend, Miles Dewey Davis was born.

Brett Stawar/Alton Convention and Visitors Bureau President: “He referenced Alton, Illinois a lot in his life as his birthplace town and we all felt that this is a great addition to kind of celebrate the entire jazz industry and his birthplace”.

Brick by brick they sold sponsorships and raised the 150,000 dollars needed for the bronze statue to honor the father of Bebop.

But some might claim the home of the gentle giant Robert Wadlow, the world`s tallest man, is a bit of a stretch for the larger than life Davis and in this case 6'5" statue.

Patricia Ackman/Project Co-chair Miles Davis Memorial Project: “We just had the question asked, he was here just such a short time why do it?  But nobody can take away the fact that he was born here in Alton, Illinois”.

So the place known for the Piasa Bird and the final Lincoln Douglas debate will be playing a new tune.

Patricia Ackman/Project Co-chair Miles Davis Memorial Project: “There`s only two other publicly displayed statues of him and one is in France and the other Poland”.

And now in Alton, Illinois, where the birth of the cool was born.


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