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FARMINGTON, Mo. — There are many unanswered questions surrounding the disappearance of a missing Farmington, Missouri teen. The family of 18-year-old Mikayla Jones is beside itself with worry.

“It’s terrible I mean almost unbearable like I lost my granddaughter and my daughter because the way it’s affecting her and all of us,” said Mikayla’s grandfather Floyd Stewart.

Mikayla was last seen by her family at their home in Farmington on May 3rd. But Mikayla’s friend and two men saw her two days later on Wednesday when they were all together at a Belgrade residence. The three say Mikayla got up and left, walking away from the home.

“She basically said she had her arrangements covered and she hasn’t been seen since,” said Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen.

Mikayla’s brother, Colton Jones said, “We want our sister home and safe that’s really all concerned about.”

Major Case Squad investigators have talked to many people and followed leads as far as Texas and Colorado without locating the teen. Sheriff Jacobsen said, “We have requested court orders to receive phone records and internet records on certain internet devices.”

While the investigation continues, Mikayla’s family worries about the loved one they dearly miss. Colton said, “She lights up the room simple as that If you’re out there Mikayla and you see this just please come home we miss you.”

Floyd Steward said, “We want her back unharmed you know.”

The sheriff said Mikayla is 18 and has the right to come and go as she pleases. He’s not yet certain the case they’re investigating is criminal or not.