Missouri Attorney General files new motion to stop new St. Louis County mask mandate


ST. LOUIS COUNTY–Before a circuit court judge hears a motion next month for a permanent injunction on a previous iteration of St. Louis County’s mask mandate, the state of Missouri will ask the court to stop a new mandate which went into effect Monday.

“Under the new state statute that was passed this year by the legislature, once an order like that expires or is terminated as it has essentially, you have to wait six months before you can move forward again,” Schmitt told FOX2 Thursday. They know it. They’re clearly violating the law and again I think it’s an effort to confuse people in St. Louis County. We knew there wasn’t a mask mandate in St. Louis County and Sam Page was still telling people that there was and so I think we’ve seen this pattern over and over and over of trying to push the envelope knowing they’re violating the law.”

The most recent order that went into effect Monday requires anyone five years or older in St. Louis County to wear a mask in indoor public spaces and on public transportation regardless of their vaccination status. County Executive Sam Page said then that he believed the new order was consistent with an order from July.

A County spokesman did not address the legal arguments tied to the case but said Thursday that “masks and vaccines protect the health and welfare of our residents and are the best chance to keep our kids in the classroom.”

The state hopes to have Thursday’s motion addressed sometime next week in St. Louis County Circuit Court. The motion hearing for a permanent injunction is scheduled for October 18.

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