Missouri bill passes for child-proof seal for liquid nicotine


E-cigarettes are smoke-free electronic products that turn nicotine and other chemicals into vapor inhaled by the user.

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri lawmakers have passed a bill to require child-proof packaging for liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes.

Senators on Wednesday approved the measure 33-0, the last vote needed to send the bill to Gov. Jay Nixon.

Electronic cigarettes heat liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapor. Some is flavored to taste like bubblegum, chocolate or other candy.

Lawmakers in favor of the bill say young children could be attracted to the flavored nicotine.

The bill by Republican Rep. Sheila Solon of Blue Springs aims to make it harder for children to open the packaging. Experts have said nicotine is especially dangerous for children.

Republican Sen. Jeanie Riddle of Mokane says child-proof packaging could prevent accidental poisonings.


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