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ST. LOUIS – After an eight-day trial, a Cole County jury awarded Missouri Corrections Officers $113,714,632. It was the result of a class action lawsuit.

Officers complained they didn’t get paid for a lot of time they work.

Officers testified before a jury how they`re not paid until the time they reach their post. That means they volunteer to the State — the 20 minutes it takes to get through security and to gather intelligence they need to protect themselves and inmates during their shift. A jury decided that pay shortage adds up to more than a hundred million dollars. The Missouri Attorney General’s office defended this case and responded, “This lawsuit involves actions by the Department of Corrections over multiple decades and multiple administrations. The Attorney General`s office has been defending this lawsuit since the Koster administration and will continue to do so. We respectfully disagree with the verdict today.”

The office stopped short of saying it will appeal, instead saying it is “carefully assessing” its next step. It`s unclear what each corrections officer could get once the judgment is spread across the 13,000 class members.