Missouri Department of Conservation asks motorists to stop for turtles


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Watch out this time of year for some slow reptiles on the roads.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking drivers to be cautious on the roads and stop for turtles.

MDC said turtles are more active this time of year and are at a higher risk of being hit by cars.

Three-toed box turtles, ornate box turtles, and snapping turtles are commonly seen crossing roadways. MDC said thousands of box turtles are killed by vehicles every year.

The turtles come out from their burrows to hunt for food and mates during warm and wet conditions.

MDC said young male turtles will travel as many as six miles. Female turtles are also out and about in search of nesting areas.

MDC also asks Missourians to keep wild animals in the wild.

“Taking a wild animal, whether a turtle or other wildlife species, and keeping it as a pet normally ends in a slow death.”

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