Missouri is still billing the family ripped apart by former caseworker/child molester

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Missouri is demanding thousands of dollars from a family ripped apart by a child molester.

Before the molester’s conviction – he was a government social worker who took three boys from a home and separated them. It’s a case Missouri leaders refuse to discuss.

Three men say they were victims of former state employee Don Manhal when he worked for the Division of Family Services.

Now we’ve learned their family is being billed thousands of dollars for Manhal’s supervision of their foster care.

The Britton brothers say they were eight, nine and ten-years-old when Don Manhal removed them from their home for truancy.

Clinton Britton told me, “Two or three days we were skipping school. I guess the school got ahold of DFS and it gave them a reason to come in – they came in separated us all – three of us – boom.”

All three Britton’s went under oath in 2006 and 2007, trying to get Missouri’s attention about how Manhal appeared to be grooming them when they were alone, as kids.

Clinton Britton said under oath, “He would tell me to masturbate in the shower and stuff like that.”

The Britton’s continue speaking out despite the fact Missouri will not answer them or investigate other cases overseen by Manhal.

Charles Britton told me recently, “I knew there was something wrong with the guy. I knew.” Charles remembers Manhal talking about sex and kids frequently, “wondering how they masturbate or how they shower or doing group masturbation. You don’t ask a kid that.”

Manhal later pleaded guilty to molesting another child. His court record also showed other victims, including “…an eleven-year-old boy he was counseling.”

Manhal died in prison in 2010.

The Britton’s believe Missouri is ignoring them because of the tens of thousands of dollars it charged their family for Manhal’s supervision of them while they were in foster care.

According to the Britton’s, the Division of Family Services garnished their Dad’s paycheck when he worked for St. Louis County. They say Clinton Britton Sr. paid Missouri’s foster care system about $1,000 a month over the course of eight years. That would add up to about $100,000. Britton Sr. died in 2004 when he was 52-years-old.

Since then, the Britton’s say they receive a reminder every month of what their Dad was billed after he died. The latest bill from January 2020 says $3,877.58 past due.

The agency sending the reminder bill, the Department of Social Services, refuses to investigate the Britton’s claims or look at other cases Manhal handled. We asked the state to respond. Their answer? It’s private.


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