ST. LOUIS – Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe toured flood damage on St. Peter’s Main Street which he said “Obviously historic, nobody’s ever seen anything like this before.”

Kehoe said he stopped into Hobos At The Legion, which was in clean-up mode after more than a foot of rain sent water down the street Tuesday.

“We’re going through all the damage assessments, the process, the local emergency coordinators, to get all the things in place for FEMA and other Federal agencies to help,” said Kehoe.

He said he met with first responders, some of whom told him they hadn’t slept.

“They were…I’m not going to use the word shock in a bad area but just surprised how fast this came up. But they jumped right in and I can’t say enough about our first responder community,” said Kehoe.

Kehoe said he headed to the city of St. Louis, to Francis R. Slay Park in the Ellendale neighborhood, where he was joined by Mayor Tishaura Jones. The residents were vocal after rainfall amounts of seven to eight inches caused River Des Peres to flood the park and led to sewer backups.

Kehoe, acting on behalf of Missouri Governor Mike Parson, signed an executive order Tuesday that declares a state of emergency, for businesses and homeowners to receive help from state agencies.

“When you have water that comes from nowhere overnight, it’s just very unpredictable. Tough for people to handle,” said Kehoe.

Governor Parson is currently on a trade mission in Europe, but he has been briefed on the flooding and its impacts.