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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A south Kansas City man scared off a thief from his house using an alarm system and some quick thinking.

Wayne Gassmann was on vacation with family in Colorado when he got an alert from the Ring app. His motion-detection cameras detected someone on his property.

Gassmann checked the live video using the app and saw a man whom he didn’t recognize. The man reached for a package on his porch, which contained a 34-inch monitor. The package had arrived earlier than he’d anticipated.

“I’m staring at my phone, and I’m like, ‘OMG. There’s literally a porch pirate about to steal something off my porch,'” Gassmann said. “I waited until he was close to the box and quickly got onto the app and hit the alarm button, and he took off running.”

See the hilarious footage in the video player above.

Gassmann shared the video on social media and sent it to Kansas City police who said recordings like that help them solve crimes.

“Anytime there is surveillance video associated with a theft, that helps detectives to put together their case file and give them a better idea of who is involved in it,” KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina said. “It also helps connect multiple people if there is a ring of thieves.”

Becchina said KCPD takes reports of about 10 “porch pirates” a month.

With his property safe and sound, Gassmann is still in disbelief about the would-be burglar’s boldness. The monitor will be used for his video production company.

“As an honest individual, it’s pretty hard for me to fathom anyone who would try to steal something from someone else,” Gassmann said. “I work hard for my stuff. I own my own company. Everything I put in my company I work really hard for. It’s just sad to see the state of our society that it resorts to that.”

Gassmann hopes the actions in the surveillance video he released send a strong warning.

“Bad guys need to realize you can’t get away with this stuff,” Gassmann said.