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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A search warrant obtained by The Daily Beast from the United States District Court of Western Arkansas describes a plot by a member of the military stationed in Missouri and others to target minorities, to “McVeigh” the Democratic National Committee and Little Rock.

The FBI began monitoring a Facebook chat group in 2019 called “Right Wing Death Squad” because of violent rhetoric. Two of the men in the group mentioned in the search warrant are from Arkansas and one was a soldier stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

The only person to face charges so far is Jason D’Juan Garfield. He was sentenced to over six years in prison for illegal gun possession.

The chatter in the Facebook group messages is chilling.

“I have access to 300,000 lbs of anhydrous ammonia. Just need a container to store it,” writes the soldier. The chemical used in farm fields can also be used as an explosive.

This is one of the quotes we could lift from the court documents that are not filled with expletives about African Americans from one of the men from Arkansas, “With the current state of the world, they have become severe pests. They must be eradicated. Completely and utterly.”

Garfield replied, “Racism isn’t real, whites are the only humans.”

Similar sentiments were expressed in the group with hate-filled messages about Jewish and Hispanic people.

Pictures of Garfield’s handgun were sent to the group chat. They show it decorated with fascist images and references to Adolph Hitler. The FBI says that the gun has the same markings as the rifle used by the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooter.

The FBI’s log of the chats is encyclopedic. They also include threats to a state senator and police.

A no-knock search warrant was granted to search the home Garfield was staying at in Ozone, Arkansas. The isolated location and his expertise with firearms had FBI agents requesting to approach the address at night.

Garfield is the only one charged in this case. The Arkansas Times reports that Garfield’s lawyer conceded his client’s racially disturbing messaging while pleading for a lighter sentence.

The Missouri soldier is no longer serving in the military after the connection to the Facebook group was revealed by the FBI, according to The Daily Beast.