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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Do you get frustrated having to pay personal property tax on your vehicle each year? A Missouri state senator has filed a bill to stop it.

At present, Missouri residents pay a yearly property tax on their vehicles. State Senator Bill Eigel from St. Charles County wants to put an end to that practice.

“I’ve been getting lots of feedback from my constituents, not only in St. Charles but around the St. Louis area, that are talking about the burden placed on households for having to pay for personal property tax on vehicles for a single year,” he said.

When the lawmakers go back to session in Jefferson City on January 8, Eigel said he will be working to get his bill out of committee and passed through the legislature so Missouri residents can vote on it.

“We don’t even see that money at the state level but it goes currently to local governments,” Eigel said. “This is a tax not a lot of states levy and the best way we can address helping the middle-class households is to push back on that and move away from that tax.”

Eigel said government moves slow but he will follow this through. He said there will be pushback from local governments but he hopes they’ll see what he calls economic stimulus from tax cuts made last year in the state.

“We’re going to solicit feedback from counties and municipalities and citizens around the state, so this a good time if you’re concerned about property tax and see us move away from that, we’re going to hear from them,” Eigel said.