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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The Missouri Supreme Court is hearing arguments Tuesday morning in the case involving Reggie Clemons.

He’s one of the four men convicted in the rape and murder of the Kerry sisters, but has for years proclaimed his innocence.

Around 5:40am, a bus full of Clemons’ supporters left from the New Life Worship Complex on North Grand in north St. Louis.

It was bound for the state capitol so the supporters, including Clemons’ parents, could listen in on the arguments before the High Court.

Clemons’ father, Reynolds Thomas, is a pastor at the complex on Grand. He held a short service before about three dozen people got on board the bus.

A spokesperson for the Missouri Supreme Court says Clemons’ case is second on the docket and should come up around 10:00am.

The hearing should last about 30 minutes to an hour.

The High Court spokesperson says Clemons’ attorneys are asking the justices to overturn his conviction in the rape and murder of the Kerry sisters.

No final ruling is expected Tuesday and there is no timeline for when the justices could make a decision.

Tuesday’s proceedings come after a special master heard evidence in the Clemons case in St. Louis back in September 2012.

That special master, Judge Michael Manners, was appointed by the Missouri Supreme Court.

After the hearing, Manners concluded that Clemons’ confession, which he later recanted, was coerced and that prosecutors improperly suppressed evidence.

But Manners also said that Clemons’ attorneys did not establish a gateway claim to innocence.

Robin and Julie Kerry were 19 and 20 years old when they were raped and murdered in 1991 on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Clemons took the 5th Amendment more than 30 times under questioning from prosecutors during that 2012 hearing.

At this point, Clemons is still on death row in Potosi, Missouri.