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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The Missouri Supreme Court says it will review the Tupper vs. City of St. Louis case which asks whether or not the City of St. Louis can use red light cameras. The announcement was made Tuesday.

The red light camera program has been on again off again in the city of St. Louis because of a number of court rulings. Now comes word from Jefferson City that the Missouri Supreme Court will hear the issue of whether or not the city of St. Louis can use red light cameras.

In February, a judge reinstated the red light camera program and established an escrow fund in case the law was overturned. That decision went against a ruling just a week earlier when another judge ruled the ordinance was invalid and the judge said the city should not enforce the law.

Many drivers and attorneys have been critical of red light cameras saying they are nothing but a money grab. St. Louis city leaders argue the cameras are about safety.

Chief Dotson expects the court to give a clear ruling on the issue which will have an impact on other Missouri cities that have red light cameras. Dotson has called the cameras “a valuable public safety tool”.

No word yet on when the state supreme court will hear the case.


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