Missouri Supreme Court weighs voter photo ID law


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Missouri Supreme Court judges are weighing whether a key provision in a new voter photo identification law should be blocked.
State Supreme Court judges heard arguments on the law Thursday.

The law had directed voters to present a valid photo ID, or to sign a sworn statement and present some other form of identification in order to cast a regular ballot.

But Senior Cole County Circuit Court Judge Richard Callahan in 2018 axed the requirement that voters without proper photo ID sign an affidavit. He ruled that the affidavit is misleading.

State attorneys appealed. They’re arguing that the affidavit is not misleading, and that Callahan was wrong to ditch the entire affidavit requirement. If anything, they say the affidavit should be trimmed or rewritten _ not completely tossed out.


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