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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Sure it might look like an average gas station, but there’s a lot of luck coursing through the corner of Hampton and Loughborough.

‘You know right now our lottery sale is about 20 to 30% higher than normal,’ says Daniel Teklenkiel, Gas Mart Manager & Co-owner.  ‘Everybody is coming in.  Hopefully lightening will strike twice.’

Because the one thousand or even ten thousand dollar winning tickets sold here in South City are nothing compared to the winning ticket sold on the Fourth of July.

‘Seventy million dollars on Powerball to Cathy Ruggeri Rey and Tom Rey, congratulations,’ says a lottery spokesperson.’

Both longtime city employees, and residents, the two had stopped at the start of their day just weeks ago.

‘I stopped on my way out to breakfast and got my ticket,’ says Tom Rea, Powerball Winner.  ‘Threw it in my glove box and didn’t think no more about it.’

It was a routine for the Reys.  Rom has played the same numbers, family member birthdays for 23 years.

‘It was three six cause that was my brother in law and mother in law birthday,’ says Rea. ‘The 18th was my mother and the 21st is my niece.  That’s the Powerball number.  Which was my niece’s birthday the 21st.’

On Wednesday the 29th, our cameras just missed tom back at the gas mart to buy yet another lotto ticket.

‘All the time, twice a week to play his tickets and get his soda and get whatever he needs,’ says Teklenkiel.

For the immediate future there will be a lot of snacks for a long road trip.

‘We always thought that when we retire we’d get an RV and travel,’ says Cathy Ruggeri- Rea, Powerball Winner.  ‘Now I think we can travel without the RV.’

Tom has left his job with the city and Cathy went back to work Wednesday afternoon.