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ST. LOUIS, Mo- The Washington Post is among outlets reporting that in a phone call with Senate Democrats Tuesday, President Joe Biden urged members to move forward with a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, and not settle for a smaller, pared-down version that already has support of Senate Republicans.

The move is not sitting well with Missouri U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, who spoke on the Senate Floor Tuesday.

“The plan’s to muscle through a really partisan $1.9 trillion package that claims to be about COVID relief but covers really a number of totally unrelated things. People have talked a lot about the fact that the minimum wage is there and whether it would meet the standard of reconciliation,” Blunt

“Clean energy is in the COVID relief package. COVID relief is different than clean energy. That’s certainly a debate worth having, but let’s not suggest that it’s COVID relief when it’s not.”

Blunt said most of the money Congress approved in late December on COVID relief hasn’t been spent yet, and that it’s too soon to know where a next round of funding should be directed.