ST. LOUIS – A resolution for a $1.2 billion project aimed at developing potentially 80 acres of land along the St. Louis riverfront was unanimously passed Thursday morning.

The area of the land that will potentially be redeveloped is called Chouteau’s Landing which consists of overgrown warehouses, graffiti-filled vacant warehouses, and crumbling streets. The St. Louis Port Authority held a meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday to consider the proposal from the Good Developments Group to transform the area south of I-64 and west of the Mississippi River into a mix of residential, retail, entertainment, office, and industrial space. The passage was only a preliminary step but a necessary one.

“I drive by or ride by or jog by this area on a very regular basis,” said St. Louis Alderman, Jack Coatar (Ward 7). “It’s something that for years I thought, ‘we’d love to get this developed.‘”

The Chouteau’s Landing is connected to the historic Cruden Martin Manufacturing complex which produced wooden and metal goods like baby carriages, wooden buckets, etc for nearly a century before it went bankrupt in the 1990s.

“I’m excited because Chouteau’s Landing is an area that is primed for a major redevelopment,” said Coatar. “It’s part of our front door. I think it’s a great opportunity for the city.”

Donald Wells, the owner of WB Construction, which has an office in one of the Crunden Martin Manufacturing buildings, said the land has not been reconstructed for years.

“You know north of the Arch, that’s all developed,” said Wells. “South of the Arch, for years, no one’s touched it, and now from what I can understand there’s development coming. It was a natural progression for something like that to happen.”  

Wells said he’s been told to move out of the building by end of October because it’s going to be sold.

“Chouteau’s Landing is essentially the city’s front door, which has seen decades of disinvestment, but there’s excellent building stock,” said Coatar. “Those buildings have good bones and are primed for redevelopment.”

If the proposal is approved, the Gateway South Project would be developed over the next several years. Potential funding for the project would come from public dollars and other incentives, including federal port infrastructure grants, New Market Tax Credits, Community Improvement District, and other tax abatement programs.