ST. LOUIS –Teens on TikTok claim that the “12 grapes” New Year’s Eve ritual is a new trend invented by GenZers. They say you will have good luck in the new year if you eat all 12 by the final bell’s toll. Is the superstition, however, rooted in something more traditional?

Midnight on New year’s eve in Spain eating twelve grapes

According to Atlas Obscura, the 12 “lucky” grapes originated in Spain and symbolize the twelve months of the year. The uvas de la suerte, or “lucky grapes,” are said to have started when grape farmers in Alicante, Spain, had too many grapes to sell in the early 1900s.

However, according to NPR’s Jeff Koehler, superstition dates back to the 1800s.

Eating one grape at each of the 12 clock chimes at midnight ensures a successful year—but only if your intentions are clear. If you don’t eat your grapes by the time the clock stops chiming, you’ll have bad luck in the new year.

If eating grapes at midnight isn’t unusual enough, try doing it while wearing red underwear. Another part of the superstition states that a bra, a sock, a garter, anything will do. Even more bizarrely, the undergarments should be supplied by someone else.

Amyoliveros8, a TikTok user, also climbed under the kitchen table at midnight, ate grapes, wore red, and met the “love of her life” the next year, as she relates in her viral TikTok video.