ST. LOUIS – Twelve-hour shifts over weekends are nearing an end for officers within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officers will be returning to eight-hour shifts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday next month. A spokesperson with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department tells FOX 2 the upcoming change is a direct event of the 12-hour scheduling policy being canceled at the end of August.

Now-retired St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden announced the policy in May, which took effect on June 10. Officials say the change was designed to put more officers on the streets and help combat crime over the summer months. At one point last year, Hayden told FOX2 the department was down more than 150 officers.

According to crime data from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, some crimes decreased in June and July this year, many of those weeks while the department had its 12-hour shifts in place, compared to similar crimes from May 2022 and June and July of last year.

Property crimes have increased in St. Louis city limits recently, but reported data shows drops in most other crimes over the last two months.

JULY 2022

CrimesJuly 2022May 2022July 2021% change from May ’22% change from July ’21
Murder181917Down 5.2%Up 5.8%
Against Persons647693869Down 6.6%Down 25.5%
Property Crimes3,4042,2752,876Up 43.9%Up 18.3%
Societal Crimes605612827Down 2%Down 26.8%

JUNE 2022

CrimesJune 2022May 2022June 2021% change from May ’22% change from June ’21
Murder141914Down 26.3%No change
Against Persons665693753Down 4%Down 11.7%
Property Crimes2,6532,2752,567Up 16.6%Up 3.4%
Societal Crimes605612709Down 1.1%Down 14.7%

Prior to the 12-hour shifts on summer weekends, officers who worked on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays were either scheduled for an afternoon shift from 3-11 p.m. or a night shift from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.