ST. LOUIS – A 15-year-old boy was taken to the hospital Thursday after being shot in the chest. Police said they found the teen in someone’s yard near Vashon High School.

Officers said they have many questions about what led to the shooting and hoped witnesses might provide some answers.

“Basically, that there was some sort of argument, and then they heard multiple gunshots being fired,” said Lt. Sam Gilman of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. “The victim was found lying in the yard.”

He said that, unfortunately, violence is not uncommon in that area.

“This is a high crime area. So, things like this do happen,” Gilman said.

The shooting on Thursday at Webster and Brantner happened right across the street from Vashon High School, where the four candidates for St. Louis Police Chief said earlier this week that gun violence and violence among young people are their top priorities.

“Our children are continuing to get younger when it comes to being victimized by violent crime, and that’s something that we shouldn’t see normalize,” said Alderman Brandon Bosley. “This is now getting to our teenagers, and at some point in time, unfortunately, because a lot of the teenagers are taking care of their younger brothers and sisters, we may see these numbers get even lower.”

Bosley said he is passionate about ways the community can help prevent more youth violence from happening, which he said everyone can do immediately.

“We got to start thinking differently, and our people have to start looking at each other as assets,” Bosley said. “Every single one of us is an asset, and we look at each as unfortunately as we’re dispensable.”