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AFFTON, Mo. — Thieves broke into 16 cars early Thursday morning at the Marlborough Trails apartment complex in Affton, Missouri.

St. Louis and St. Charles counties have been following these crimes under their special task force, but that hasn’t stopped thieves. Residents were hit just under a year ago, and now they’re once again left asking when will it end after dealing with yet another wave of break-ins.

“We move out here thinking it’s going to be a better area. Then, stuff like this happens. It’s kind of stressful,” said Marlborough Apartments resident Jason Casanover.

It’s a scene we’ve seen time and time again — broken glass, a taped-up window, and the frustrated car owners left picking up the pieces.

“I noticed my window was bashed out as well, and it’s the first time it’s ever happened since I’ve been here,” said car break-in victim Stephen Coenen.

Coenen said he had several items stolen but nothing of value. That didn’t stop thieves from making a mess.

“Then, I saw the tray from my center console was thrown on the ground about 12 feet from the car, and it definitely looks like it was done in a hurry,” said Coenen. “They had even moved my front seat forward as if they were looking to see if anything was under there.”

Many of these residents have to wait days and spend hundreds of dollars to repair their windows. Bailey Youngblood and her fiancé also had their car broken into.

“I actually heard of a person that had their car broken into, and a weapon was stolen only to later be used in a crime that same morning,” said Youngblood. “I mean they’ve got this down to a science.”

After they saw they weren’t the only ones, the couple sprung into action alerting other neighbors to help tape up their windows.

“We grabbed our trash bags and our masking tape, and we taped some peoples’ up, which you know I think brought us together,” said Youngblood.

An investigation into the break-ins is ongoing.

If you have any information regarding these break-ins, you’re asked to call police.