JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – When a 16-year-old was shot and killed early Sunday morning, Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies were initially told it happened while the victim was driving. Investigators later uncovered a different story, which took them to another teen as the suspect.

Authorities have arrested a 16-year-old suspect after learning the shooting didn’t happen where they were first told.

The 911 call came in just after midnight, directing officers to a gas station at Highway PP and Highway 30. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reports that a group of people there, mostly teenagers, reported someone shot into their vehicle and that the 16-year-old victim was struck in the head and died.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said the teens told investigators they were driving around and encountered someone who shot at them and struck their friend.

The investigation took police in a different direction, as the sheriff’s office worked through several different versions of events, which eventually led them to West Fork Drive in Byrnes Mill Farms.

“My gut reaction was that I am very scared for my kids and that this happened two doors down from my house, and that it’s pretty scary,” said Samantha Glass, who lives nearby. “It’s a scary world.”

A person in the mobile home park who said they had direct knowledge of the incident told FOX 2 it was an accidental shooting.

Again, the sheriff’s office said it determined the shooting did not happen on a road or highway. Investigators they believe it happened inside a mobile home, so they have no reason to believe the public is at risk.