URBANA, Mo. — The Humane Society of Missouri and its Animal Cruelty Task Force spent the weekend rescuing 19 dogs from an unlicensed breeder.

Two female adult dogs and 17 puppies, all mastiff breeds, were pulled from an Urbana, Missouri, location.

“They’re safe and have a safe place to nurse and grow up and get ready for adoption, and they’re not in the breeding cycle anymore,” said Ella Frank, director of the Animal Cruelty Task Force.  “These mommas are never going to have to be forced to breed again. They were underweight — and to be underweight and forced to breed, that’s tough.  They’re going to get all the nutrition, care, and vet needs, and they’re going to be healthy.” 

Frank said the breeder was a “repeat offender,” formerly licensed as Critter Creek Kennel and then Little Miracles Kennel. It was found in violation of the Animal Care Facilities Act in January 2021 and currently has a permanent ban on acquiring a license to breed animals. 

Back in 2021, the task force rescued 100 dogs from the property.

“It’s frustrating to see these animals in these substandard conditions be forced to just repeatedly be bred,” said Frank after the most recent rescue.  “These puppies and these mommas, it’s heartbreaking.” 

Those interested in helping cover the cost of the rescue or interested in adopting these puppies should visit hsmo.org/hickory to donate or learn more.