ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Uptown Market and Liquor store in north St. Louis County has been the scene of two deaths in the last week, both due to gun violence. The corner store on Shepley Drive and Spring Garden Drive is a one-stop shop for many in the area. 

The store promotes groceries, hot food, and cold beer, but it’s now gaining notoriety for what’s happening in its parking lot. Two people lost their lives in two different shootings. A vigil now greets customers as they walk in.

On Thursday night, Chico Young, who worked at the store, was gunned down, losing his life near the vigil for his friend Cassandra Cole, who was shot and killed on Monday. 

Three other people were wounded in the shootings. There’s a nearby bus stop, and just a block away is Highland Elementary School. 

The St. Louis County Police Department did install temporary cameras in the store’s parking lot and had a police officer on standby in the lot.