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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – A 21-year-old has been jailed on accusations of impersonating a University City police officer and harassing an ex-girlfriend.

According to a spokesperson for the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Simcha Fremerman was employed as a parking controller officer with the University City Police Department. He wore a uniform and body camera and drove a marked vehicle with emergency lights and signals.

Fremerman’s job was to write parking tickets.

Earlier this year, a detective was conducting a background check on Fremerman, who had applied to be a police dispatcher. The detective spoke with Fremerman’s ex-girlfriend, who said they had broken up in Dec. 2020 but Fremerman had been following her.

The woman said Fremerman told her and her family that he was a full-fledged cop, claimed to pull people out of cars, train people to fire guns, and that he could tap into her cellphone.

The woman told the detective that Fremerman pointed a loaded pistol at her head last September, though Fremerman later claimed the gun wasn’t loaded.

In April 2021, the girlfriend said Fremerman followed her from Hanley and Delmar and pulled her over at the intersection of Delmar and Geoffery. He told her something came up in his background investigation. During their conversation, Fremerman removed his body camera.

Fremerman eventually claimed he was on call and his ex-girlfriend was allowed to leave.

The University City detective conducting the background check obtained Fremerman’s body camera, which appeared to corroborate the ex-girlfriend’s claims.

Prosecutors charged Fremerman with false impersonation of a law enforcement officer, unlawful use of a weapon, fourth-degree domestic assault, and second-degree stalking.

The woman who came forward to the police claims there are other victims.

Anyone who has had an encounter with Fremerman in which he claimed to be a law enforcement officer is asked to contact the University City Police Department at 314-725-2211.

Simcha Fremerman