ST. LOUIS – For those wondering about the availability of 40oz beers in St. Louis, they are not banned in the city. However, there are regulations in place: they cannot be sold below room temperature, and customers are limited to purchasing only one at a time. 

According to St. Louis Ordinance 68536, section 14.03.100, for beer, “a licensee, his agent, servant, or employee may sell at retail a single glass bottle or container of intoxicating malt liquor or nonintoxicating beer if it has a liquid content of 32 ounces or more at room temperature only.” 

In simpler terms, businesses can sell large bottles of beer as long as they meet the size requirement and are not chilled or cold. 

Customers are allowed to buy only one glass bottle or container of beer at a time that has 32 ounces of liquid or more. The bottle or container must be at normal room temperature.

Some locations in St. Louis, such as Randall’s and Good Times, do sell 40-ounce beers.