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ST. LOUIS – The owners of a ranch in Sugar Creek are looking into the cause of a deadly fire that killed five horses and one calf.

A ranch hand was able to help save some horses when the barn caught fire early Thursday.

Taylor Moore owns two of the horses that tragically died in the fire. She said the mare, Shane, and a male, Bronson, were loved by their owner.

“So, I’ve got the perfect little angel and a little bit of a brat, but it was so perfect. They both in my eyes had no flaws,” Moore said.

She bought both horses earlier in the year when she launched her business, JT Training and Horses LLC.

“I work with students of all ages, those who are just learning how to ride for the very first time, and I work all the way up to intermediate riders as well who are starting to compete for the first time,” Moore said.

One phone call after an early morning fire put everything on hold.

“Unfortunately, Shane and Bronson were in the stalls directly next to each other, and they weren’t able to make it out of the barn,” Moore said.

She said five horses and a calf named Ferdinand did not survive the fire.

“I had police officers and firemen, and everyone coming up to me and saying, ‘You know there was no suffering,'” Moore said. “Either way, I didn’t care where it started, I didn’t care how it started. It’s just the fact that it did start.”

She said she is not sure what is next or how she will afford two more horses to get her business back on track, but Moore is thankful for her time with Bronson and Shane.

“I don’t think I’ll ever really stop mourning them. But I just want to continue to teach people about these amazing animals and introduce them to as many more as I can,” Moore said. “My mom will say that I did this, but they are the whole reason that I was able to ever even start something like this. I consider myself so lucky that they were the two that gave me my start.”

She said she is overwhelmed by the support and help from the community.

GoFundMe’s pages were created to help Moore’s business. To donate, click here. You can also donate on another page here.