COLUMBIA, Mo. – Police charged eight men in connection with a hazing incident at a University of Missouri fraternity that left a student unable to see, talk, or walk.

There are a total of 11 people charged in the hazing incident of 19-year-old former University of Missouri student, Danny Santulli, who suffered from brain injuries during a pledge party he attended last fall. As a result, he is wheelchair-bound, blind, and unable to speak.

Santulli’s family filed a lawsuit against the fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, and some of its members over the incident. A prosecutor from Boone County charged the men with life endangerment for hazing. The men were summoned to appear in court. The eight men charged are Samuel Lane, Samuel Morrison, Harrison Reichman, Blake Morsovillo, Benjamin Parres, Benjamin Karl, Samuel Gandhi, and John O’Neill.

Samuel Lane has a legal attorney but the other seven do not. They are scheduled to be arraigned on August 25. Lane’s defense attorney William Tackett said Lane entered a not guilty plea. Other fraternity members such as Thomas A. Shultz and Ryan P. Delanty were charged prior with hazing. Alec Wetzler was charged with supplying alcohol to a minor.

Santulli’s family lawyer, David Bianchi along with a lawyer for the initial 23 defendants had reached a settlement in June. Bianchi said Santulli accrued more than $1.6 million of medical bills.