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ST. LOUIS – Concern is growing over the latest COVID-19 numbers. The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force hospitals have 92% of staffed hospital beds occupied Thursday morning.

The task force released new data Wednesday. They reported new hospital admissions are up by 10 from 32 to 42. The 7-day average of hospital admissions increased by one to 39. The task force wants to keep that number below 40. The 7-day average of hospitalizations increased by nine to 222, and the number of confirmed COVID-positive patients in the hospital also jumped by nine to 242.

13 COVID deaths have been reported in the last three days. The area hasn’t seen that many deaths in a three-day stretch since the beginning of April. There have been 19 COVID deaths in the last seven days.

100 more COVID patients have been hospitalized in just 11 days. COVID patients in ICUs and on ventilators have more than doubled since July 1, and in the last seven days, 274 patients have been admitted to hospitals while only 189 have been discharged.

The task force said more than 95% of the recent cases are in unvaccinated people. Just over 51% of adults 18 and older are fully vaccinated in the area. The task force reported 70% of patients recently hospitalized in the St. Louis area are under 65 years old.