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ST. LOUIS – Things are looking up at One Cardinal Way. The view looking down onto Busch Stadium is showing signs that baseball is returning.

The new apartment tower is set to open in a little over a month.

“We’re thrilled the timing is perfect for this tower and the start of baseball and we’ll be moving residents in August,” said Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III. “I think that news was big for us because we got four leases right away and a lot of renewed interest once people know that this could be the only place to watch baseball.”

The new apartment tower is getting the finishing touches put in place before the August 1 opening.

“It’s exciting to bring you guys here,” said Marnie Sauls, executive director of residential management for Cordish Companies. “We’re in apartment 1701. This is our stocking floor plan. I feel like I say that in a bunch of these floorplans but in this one you can see the stadium, the river, the downtown, the Ferris wheel; it’s just beautiful.”

Approximately 65 percent of the apartments at One Cardinal Way have already been leased.

You can go online to to schedule an in-person tour or take a virtual tour if you prefer.

DeWitt understands the uncertainty faced by everyone during the pandemic.

“We kind of must earn some people’s loyalty back, I think,” he said Dewitt. “But the focus now, there was nothing going on but there was a heightened focus on the back and forth. I think now baseball is coming back, we can turn our focus to who’s going to be ready and what do the lineups look like and so much a part of the game.

“And when the games start that will be a milestone for us in St. Louis and around the country that just love the rhythm of baseball and for what means as something to do and just have it be that soundtrack of summer.”