ST. LOUIS – It’s not as official as the Star Spangled Banner or the Texas state song, but St. Louis, Missouri does indeed have a musical “anthem” of sorts.

Last year, a folk/rock musician named Matt Farley released an album of 50 songs in tribute to Missouri. Farley is known colloquially as “The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns.”

The second song on Farley’s 2022 album, “Missouri Oh Yeah! Good Yes” is called “St. Louis Anthem.” It’s probably you won’t recite before a ballgame or school event, and it may seem a bit bizarre, but it’s certainly one for good laughs and worth a listen.

The tune consists of an uplifting beat and energetic vocals. Farley starts it with the opening line, “St. Louis, Missouri! What a great city!” From there, he praises the city for the Gateway Arch, the river scenery and unique neighborhoods among other things. Also, he joyfully claims St. Louis as the “Rome of the West.”

You can listen to the “St. Louis Anthem” and see if your favorite things about the city are mentioned on YouTube or Spotify.

Farley doesn’t just stop at St. Louis. His Missouri album consists of songs about many St. Louis suburbs, including Florissant, Kirkwood, Maryland Heights and O’Fallon. For the complete Show Me State experience, there are songs about other big metropolitan areas too like Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and their towns. Many of these songs are composed similarly to his St. Louis song.

Farley’s musical nods to St. Louis and Missouri are relatively new over a lengthy career. He has published albums about cities and towns in 46 states dating back to 2012. He made one about neighboring Illinois (and some of its Metro East cities) in 2014.

As of this year, Farley has released more than 23,000 songs through a variety of stage names and bands. That includes songs about at least one city in each U.S. state, and he has released albums for tunes on 46 of 50 states.

Farley has grown his platform so much in recent years that he became known as the “Spotify scammer” in 2016. His 23,000 songs are among the most linked to one single artist, and he’s able to maximize profits on even the smallest number of plays. Farley, solo and through bands, has also produced viral songs about unusual topics, like birthdays, prom-posals and poop.