ST. LOUIS – Affinia Healthcare’s CEO has announced new security measures in the wake of an incident last week in which several windows were shot out. The incident has shaken up students at A.T. Still University.

The dental school was apparently just in the line of fire and struck by stray bullets from a car chasing a man running from the direction of the housing project across the street.

The shooting happened last Sunday. No one was injured in all the gunfire.

Affinia Health runs A.T. Still University.

CEO Dr. Kendra Holmes told FOX 2 they are hiring extra security, and have outside an security firm to offer more help. The school says they had already appointed a new head of community security.

“We actually added a new position of Assistant VP of Community Safety and Security,” she said. “That individual is responsible for working directly with law enforcement to increase the patrols in the area. and to work with them so the students and staff feel safer.”

Holmes says she saw the video of the incident and shots were going everyplace and struck a number of buildings. The incident will not dissuade Affinia from its mission at A.T. Still University of providing dental care to the needy.

“Oh, absolutely not. This is the reason that we’re here. These are the communities that, unfortunately, we have to deal with this as employees,” she said. “There are individuals who live this life every day, who have to deal with this violence every day, and hear gunshots every day. We’re committed to the community, but we’re also committed to the safety of our staff and the students at that building.”