ST. LOUIS — As Amelia Mugavero walked into the Fox2 studio, ready to take on another day, she knew she had found her place in the world of journalism. She wants viewers to feel like a part of a close-knit family.

“On the morning show, my beat is traffic and I handle all the traffic reports, construction reports and getting people out on the roads safely and efficiently,” said Mugavero.  

Getting started

Mugavero initially pursued journalism to become a writer. Multimedia classes in college changed the course of her studies. She learned advantages of storytelling through audio, sound, and writing.

“I was always good at English, so I knew that that’s kind of where my mind always went to tell people’s stories. It wasn’t until my college multimedia classes, that I found out I could delve into the different facets of journalism,” said Mugavero. 

Mugavero excelled in school and had four internships, including a memorable one at Fox 4 in Dallas. She was there during a 2016 police ambush that took the lives of five officers, and witnessed reporters covering the tragic event. 

“Then it’s almost like all the pieces clicked into place. I just got good at it,” said Mugavero. “I got to take a front seat to history and see the best of the best reporters and journalists alike cover that story with so much honor and grace. That’s the moment that I knew, this is what I’m going to do.”  

Finding a home in St. Louis

“I graduated from the University of Illinois in 2016. I started my first job in 2017 in a small town in Texas just a little north of Dallas. I was there for two years and then worked in Oklahoma for two years, and then finally came home to the Midwest and Saint Louis,” said Mugavero. 

Mugavero has been with FOX 2/KPLR 11 for nearly two years. Shortly after starting, Mugavero covered the deadly Edwardsville tornado in December 2021. She was on air for over eight hours, providing live reports.

Initially, she joined as the night reporter, later transitioning to evening traffic reporting and their current role of morning traffic reporting and anchoring. Audrey Prywitch, News Director, had talked to Mugavero about taking over the traffic reporting. She was sure that Mugavero’s ability to think quickly and handle stress would make her a great fit for the job. 

“I ended up falling in love with it because like I said, it’s real time updates. You’re never going to get the same traffic twice in two days, so it definitely changes from day-to-day. People rely on you telling them where those backups are, if any highways are closed and alternate routes they need to take. I love being able to be that resource for people.” 

In April, Amelia took on the role of anchoring the midday show on FOX 2/KPLR, focusing on authentically and efficiently delivering stories. She wants to create a family-like atmosphere, bringing news and a positive approach to the audience. 

Life outside of work

When Mugavero has the opportunity, particularly on weekends, she values taking an hour each day to prioritize her well-being by going to church, as well as engaging in physical activity, and disconnecting from her phone. This dedicated time allows her to decompress and alleviate stress while staying active. In her view, it serves as an effective way to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

During her days off, Mugavero finds joy in embracing the beauty of the outdoors, particularly when the weather is favorable. Exploring the various picturesque parks scattered across St. Louis, she takes leisurely walks. She also enjoys attending concerts, going out for brunch with friends. On those delightful days of splendid weather, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness her twirling her batons outside, savoring every moment.