ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Two local leopard cubs are lighting up social media. The Saint Louis Zoo posted new pics of Anya and Irina to their social media accounts and the images are going viral. The adorable kittens are in a bucket.

The Carnivore Care Team at the Saint Louis Zoo posted this update:

“We are fortunate that mother Dot has proven a caring and interested mother. Dot spends all of her time with her cubs. She cleans them, sleeps with them, and nurses. This means, other than health check-ups and similarly important times, the cubs are never handled by people.

Seen here is Anya and Irina being weighed during their 5-month health checkup a few weeks ago. It went well, and they are growing stronger every day!”

They were born at the zoo on April 21, 2022 and are the first leopard cubs born at the Zoo since 2010. Their names mean “grace” and “peace” in foreign languages.