Haunting Ring video captures soon-to-be killer staking out his possible victim


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Haunting Ring video captured a soon-to-be killer, staking out his possible victim.

A recent St. Louis County conviction revealed the daunting and successful work of law enforcement in catching a killer.

65-year-old Joan Furlong did nothing to put herself in danger where she lived on a quiet Affton street. She just happened to live near a cold-blooded killer.

Ring video shows the soon-to-be killer on September 20, 2017. It shows Danijel Colic one day before he struck. At the doorway, he said, “I was wondering do you need your leaves raked?”

The woman said no thank you. Colic left and later murdered Joan Furlong on the same street, in her home, and stole her wallet.

“It’s something we have to be vigilant, look out for one another,” St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell said, adding, “and also look out for ourselves.”

Bell’s office recently convicted Colic after an exhaustive St. Louis County Police investigation that used surveillance videos, interrogations, DNA testing, and credit card tracking.

Bell said, “There were so many things that came together for this to result in us getting a bad guy off the street.”

Like gas station video of Colic trying to use Furlong’s debit card after the murder. Eerily, customers are dancing playfully around him – unaware of the tragedy surrounding them. Colic failed to access the ATM and the clerk turned him away without giving him any money.

Outside, another camera tracked the Jeep he stole from his murder victim. It shows him leaving the gas station. Yet another camera shows him on the side of an apartment complex where he and two of his friends are seen getting in and out. Police found the men later tried to steal Crest White Strips to trade for heroin. That led to a police interview with Colic’s associate.

You can hear an officer tell the man, “A lady’s dead. You’re in a dead lady’s car.”

St. Louis County Police quickly got him to cooperate. The man soon said that Colic, “…said ‘You want to help me kill this lady? We’ll get away with it. She’ll have some money,’ this and that and I said (expletive) no dude, I’m not doing it.”

The associate voluntarily swabbed himself for DNA to prove he didn’t participate. Then another tip led police to Kentucky where they found Colic hiding with a relative. They were able to pick him up after prosecutors issued an at large warrant.

“We can’t do that without collaborative efforts of not just our regional partners, but as you can see, even our partners across state lines,” Bell said.

His office charged Colic with first-degree murder but closed the case after getting a guilty plea and conviction for second-degree murder and a 22-year prison sentence. Colic, who’s an undocumented immigrant, will then be deported to his homeland of Bosnia, giving some assurance that St. Louis County will never see him again.

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