ST. LOUIS – Boeing has plans for a nearly $2 billion expansion project near St. Louis Lambert International Airport. They call it ‘Project Voyager.’

The Airport Commission meets Wednesday to consider leasing 154 acres of airport land to Boeing for the project, including the former McDonnell- Douglas facilities. Boeing also wants a 50% tax break on the project from the St. Louis County Council – in exchange for creating 500 jobs.

The county council met Tuesday night, but took no action. New estimates show Boeing would save $155 million over 10 years if the tax break is approved. That would impact the tax money available to area school districts.

“If Boeing cared about the community as they claimed they wouldn’t be shaking down St. Louis County for a handout that exceeds $100 million.’ local Tom Sullivan expressed. The company would be paying all its taxes like the smaller companies.”

Boeing is the largest manufacturer in the state of Missouri.