ST. LOUIS — You have around six months to claim any winning lotto ticket from a drawing in Missouri. That’s why one player has an alarm to check his tickets every three months. That came in handy when he discovered he had a huge prize in his pile of tickets.

The Missouri Lottery says that a player won a $1 million prize from the Powerball drawing on January, 2, 2023. It matched all five white-ball numbers drawn that evening. The ticket was purchased at the On the Run gas station in Rock Hill. It was months before the winner came forward.

“I have an alarm set for me to check my tickets every three months,” the winner tells the Missouri Lottery. “So I didn’t know for a while.”

His wife had a hard time believing him after he told her about the winning ticket. She thought it was a joke.

The ticket was claimed at Missouri Lottery headquarters on March 29. The player plans on putting most of the money into his retirement savings. The rest is going to do some projects around the house.

Winning a million dollars by playing the Powerball is not easy. The chances of matching all the white ball numbers is around one in 11.6 million.