ST. LOUIS – A new electric train is rolling down the tracks at the Saint Louis Zoo.

The train is named after Mary Meachum, a St. Louis abolitionist who was instrumental in educating Black people. Meachum also played a critical role helping free slaves in the Underground Railroad.

“March is Women’s History Month, and we couldn’t imagine a more fitting time to announce Mary Meachum as the name of the newest train,” said Michael Macek, Director of the Saint Louis Zoo. 

This is the sixth train at the zoo, but the first one that is electric and first to be named after a woman. Officials say once the gas locomotives wear out, they will all be replaced with environmentally-friendly options.

As the trains at the Zoo begin to age, replacing the locomotives with a much greener approach will set us up for a better future,” said Macek. “We are excited as we look ahead to the future of the Emerson Zooline Railroad and will continue to help create memories that will last a lifetime.”

The newest train will have the number 50 on the side of the locomotive and have a distinct whistle from the other trains. The electric train was created and developed by Chance Rides located in Wichita, Kansas. 

Saint Louis Zoo officials are also celebrating 60 years of the zooline railroad.